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Make Your Money Last Throughout Retirement

It is vital that you consider your retirement needs long before you approach retirement years. Your number one priority must be to find ways to make your retirement funds last. Your retirement considerations should include three tasks:


Develop an income plan

5 Minute Overview of Today's Market

To understand the current financial market, we must look at the forces that influence market direction. The movement of money and goods around the world is dependent on four major factors.



What Does the Future of the Market Look Like?

The market is a notoriously fickle beast. Generally speaking you will a notice a repeating pattern present in the markets and the economy. Periods of sustained growth are often offset by contraction and correction, before a subsequent period of new growth. While this cannot be broadly applied to all industries in the market, the overall market does tend to follow this pattern.

Do I have enough to Retire?

Saving for retirement is something every working individual should strive for. There will come a time in your life when waking up for work each morning, putting in eight hours a day, 40 hours every week, will become more than anyone wants to deal with. It seems like an easy task, right? Set aside some of your income and enjoy a nice, relaxing retirement.

2017 Outlook - Key Points

2017 Outlook

In 2016, all of the major stock categories posted gains in the fourth quarter with a significant percentage of gains realized following the U.S. presidential election.  Small caps performed very well in the fourth quarter and energy stocks led equities as oil prices recovered. 

Implications of a Trump Presidency

Many of you are probably wondering how a Trump Presidency will impact your investments.  After his surprise victory and the Republicans holding majorities in both the House and Senate it would appear that Trump will have the momentum necessary to begin implementing his agenda.   

Six Ways to Live Through a Volatile Market as a Retiree

1. Check your cash. 

An Update by the Numbers

•    The stock market S&P 500 hit an all-time high on May 21, 2015, reaching a high of 2130.  At this writing, the close was 2095.  
•    The employment numbers are very slowly improving.  There were 2.99 million more Americans employed as of 3/31/2016 than employed as of 3/31/2015.    

Our Biggest Financial Challenges are often Self-Inflicted

In many respects, people can be their own worst enemies in their quest for financial security. When you consider that our lives are nothing more than a culmination of the decisions we make each day, if we tend to make more bad decisions than good decisions, or worse, if we can’t make decisions at all, it’s should be no surprise when financial security  remains elusive.

The 4 Essential Elements of a Retirement Plan

Until recently, many retirees have been able to rely upon the three-legged stool of retirement income sources: A defined benefit pension plan that guarantees a lifetime income, their own savings, and Social Security.

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