Implications of a Trump Presidency

Debbie Loper |

Many of you are probably wondering how a Trump Presidency will impact your investments.  After his surprise victory and the Republicans holding majorities in both the House and Senate it would appear that Trump will have the momentum necessary to begin implementing his agenda.   

Much of Trump’s plans are pro-growth.  His plans for increased government spending, lowering corporate and personal tax rates, and reducing regulations could give a much needed boost to US growth.  However, some worry that Trump’s plan for restructuring international trade agreements and immigration reform may curb US growth.  Currently, the markets believe that a Trump presidency will be positive for growth as we have seen the stock markets, interest rates and the US Dollar all rise since his victory. We, like all of you, will be watching closely during the coming months.

A couple of interesting statistics….

Over 126 million Americans voted in the presidential election while 96 million chose to stay home.

Over the last 80 years, the stock market (S&P 500) has gained 11.7% per year when the White House and Congress were controlled by the same political party.

Santa Clause on the Way?  20 of the last 25 Decembers have produced a positive return in the stock market.  The average gain in the stock market (S&P 500) since 1991 is 1.78%.