Hughes Warren, Inc. is an independent registered investment advisor and fee-only financial planning firm. Working with individuals, families and small businesses, we believe our clients deserve personal detailed attention. We believe this individual attention leads to a greater peace of mind and the opportunity to achieve the returns needed to meet their financial goals.

The firm was founded in 2007 to provide an alternative to the current landscape of the investment advisory industry. Our advisors, Ted Hughes, Melinda Warren and Kathy Lee Hatchett, are Certified Financial Planners® and are focused on providing reliable, unbiased investment and retirement advice.

We do not work on commissions – our compensation comes only from advising our clients. 

We are committed to serving our clients and keeping them well-informed on the market, economy, other investment vehicles and how these affect financial portfolios. By utilizing the appropriate asset allocation, established under the tenets of the modern portfolio theory, a balanced and manageable portfolio is created for the long term.

As changes occur in the market and in the lives of our clients, portfolio strategies can also change.  Through regular meetings, phone calls and monthly newsletters, our focus remains on the clients’ goals and objectives.

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