Hughes Warren seeks to implement investment strategies that will help each client meet their goals. Understanding that no two people and no two situations are alike, we work with you to provide a strategy unique to you.

Portfolio Construction

Once we have a thorough understanding of each client’s unique situation, a portfolio is constructed. Current income and liquidity needs, tax status, current investments and risk tolerance are all taken into consideration. We will prepare an Investment Policy Statement, a written document that articulates your personal investment goals and sets a customized investment strategy. The Investment Policy Statement provides guidance for ongoing investment management and may be revised as your financial situation warrants.

In order to maximize portfolio returns, we primarily utilize no-load or load-waived mutual funds although we have the capability to manage most types of investment vehicles.

Asset Allocation

We believe in constructing well diversified portfolios that seek to maximize returns while minimizing investment risk. Our goal is not to beat a particular index but to create portfolios that will help our clients meet long term goals. Depending on which model used, a cross-section of market sectors are included in each portfolio.

Manager Selection

Most portfolios are constructed using more than ten different investment managers.  Being independent, we have the ability to focus our attention and analysis on the best managers available in the industry.  We evaluate a manager’s past performance and practices as well as their current holdings.  We continually monitor and evaluate their performance to ensure they do not stray from their underlying philosophies and objectives.

Monitoring and Performance

We believe that communication is critical for any relationship to succeed.  Therefore, we strive to meet with our clients on a regular basis to keep them up to date on their portfolio strategy and performance, and to make certain that we are on track to meet their needs and goals.

We routinely monitor our clients’ portfolios and will rebalance to maintain proper allocations. We do not practice market timing but may make adjustments according to current or forecasted market or economic conditions.