Financial planning and wealth management plays an important role in the services we provide.  We believe financial planning is a process and that process should include the management of cash flow, risk management, tax planning, investment planning, estate planning and retirement planning. Using tools such as eMoney, this process helps to ensure that an investment portfolio is constructed that is in line with an individual’s goals.  Our goal is to offer unbiased advice which in turn assists and enables the individual to plan for their financial future.

We believe that time changes our situations and as the events in our lives change, so do our financial circumstances. When there is a change in employment, marital status, inheritance or other major event, financial strategies and goals must adapt. We meet with our clients on a recurring basis to discuss and resolve their specific and individual financial issues.

We strive to adhere to long-term strategies and do not fall victim to market timing. Short term market movements, interest rate changes, or other factors are monitored but fear and emotion are kept out of any advice or decision making process.

When preparing for retirement, many factors need to be examined and strategies will need to be changed. The move from employed to retired is a major life change and proper tax planning is essential. We can help advise you on when and which Social Security benefits to take, how much to withdraw from your investment or retirement accounts and other important factors to maximize your retirement goals. If you are still a few years out from retirement, we are able to manage your employer-sponsored retirement accounts using Pontera.