The Top 5 Places in the US to Travel to on a Budget in 2017

Debbie Loper |

Temperatures are not the only thing heating up this Summer. There are deals and perks available for all types of travel and leisure. A few of the Top 5 Cities to travel to on a budget may surprise you, but trust us there are deals to be found!

 If you are planning a vacation this year, you have a lot of company. Travel is expected to be up for 2017, and many of those travelers will be visiting select cities throughout the United States. If you would like to join those happy travelers, here are 5 of the best travel destinations around the U.S. Each of these hot spots has plenty of great things to see and do, and a lot of exciting attractions to explore. Checking out a few sites online while booking travel to get the best deals should be the second thing you do after picking one of these locations!


#1. Washington, D.C.

A lot is happening in Washington D.C. these days, and not all of them revolve around political. The Smithsonian museum complex beckons, with something for everyone’s taste; and best of all, admission is completely free!

Additionally, there is a world-class zoo, memorable monuments, historical artifacts to examine, and amazing restaurants to soothe your palate. Washington, D.C. also has a surprisingly vibrant nightlife, so save some energy for your after-dark explorations. D.C. has all the excitement of the big city but with much less cost that cities like New York and Chicago tend to have.


#2. Florida's Emerald Coast

The state of Florida is always a top travel destination, but the Emerald Coast is somewhat of a hidden gem. Far away from Florida’s theme parks, the Emerald Coast offers a more feral alternative to the manicured entertainment found in the center of the state. There are wonderful beachfront towns with friendly people and a wealth of activities for young and old alike.

Whether you include the Emerald Coast as part of a previously planned vacation or treat it as a destination, you will not be disappointed and the trip will not break the bank.



#3. New Orleans, Louisiana

The Big Easy has long been a popular vacation destination, and for good reason. No matter what the season, the good times are always rolling on Bourbon Street, and you do not have to wait for Mardi Gras to have a great time. Big cities can be a drain on the wallet, with pricey options for food, entertainment and transportation, but New Orleans, Louisiana, is particularly friendly for those traveling on a budget.

New Orleans is also home to some of the best restaurants in the nation, including truly world-class seafood and ethnic cuisine. No matter what you crave, you can find it in the Big Easy and for much less than other big cities.


#4. Sedona, Arizona

The city of Sedona, Arizona has beckoned nature lovers since time immemorial, and the centuries have not diminished its natural charms. This is a true nature lover's paradise, with spectacular rock formations, challenging hiking trails, unexplored canyons and majestic wonders everywhere you turn and nature will never break the budget on a trip. Sedona has many trails and nature walks that are free or even just a few dollars to enjoy.

Sedona is also a popular destination for proponents of natural healing and alternative medicine. From yoga retreats to open-air acupuncture clinics, you can find it all in the heart of Sedona, Arizona.


#5. Nashville, Tennessee

Music City, USA may be the home of country music, but you do not have to be a fan to love this popular destination. Nashville is a happening and vibrant place, with music from every conceivable genre filling its bars, theatres and open-air amphitheaters nearly every day of the year.

While music is the main attraction, there is more to Nashville than just great tunes. Visitors will also find chef-driven restaurants serving the best and most cutting-edge cuisine, a vibrant up-and-coming fashion scene, and a myriad art galleries and educational historical landmarks. Nashville is one of the most affordable destinations on the list, make your to-do list with our help!


If you are looking for a great place to vacation in 2017, each of the 5 destinations on our list is worth looking in to! With so many things to see and do in each location, the hardest part of planning your vacation may be narrowing down your choice! 

So, where are you headed next?